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Know-how for ecommerce

GO UPS is a tech conference targeted at the ecommerce market, qucikly gaining tracktion in the community. Well respected speakers present advice on optimizing ROI, growth hacking, Google Analytics wizardry and various other ways in which ecommerce businesses improve their revenue.


We started off with the branding process, sketching various ideas on paper and experimenting with different color palettes.

Our goal was to create something vivid, bold and somewhat friendly, as opposed to the usual cold and tech-y vibe that most IT conferences give off.

The identity we came up with is based on three vivid colors, always contained in rectangles of various proportions.

Good organization, a comprehensive approach, rapid responsiveness and a human on the other side – that’s Tonik.

goups photoalt Jakub Cyran, GO.PL


More print

The nature of the event required us to prepare a wide array of different promotional materials.

Those included rollups, various brochures promoting affiliated businesses, stickers, t-shirts that distinguished team members and so forth.


The website

We also prepared a simple, responsive website featuring the speakers and the topis they covered.

The site also allowed users to register for the event without much hassle.

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