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Kenja is a Tokyo based software company aiming to revolutionize the workplace.

We were directly approached by the CTO and asked for help with turning their product, a corporate task manager, into a scalable mobile app for tablets and smartphones. Once that was done, we moved on to improving the desktop experience by preparing a full interface overhaul. To finish things off, we also designed and implemented a shiny new responsive corporate website and product landing pages.

First things first

Our goal was to achieve a clean and simple mobile inteface without any compromises on usability or functionality. Given how complex the desktop interface was, that wasn’t an easy task.

Once we came up with a reasonable solution, our UX designer used Axure to prepare an interactive prototype of the main app logic, so we could present it to the client.

framework prototype


Our rebrand and new homepage resonated and helped us connect with new members. To the tune of 60% growth in signups from our Kenja Rooms landing page.

Salman Ahmad, Kenja’s CTO

UX wireframing

The interactive prototype gave our client a clear idea on how the product adapts to mobile devices. After a quick skype call, the concept recieved a green light and we were free to continue working on the 60 (or so) remaining screens.

Since iterations on a graphic-heavy concept created in Photoshop could easly become very time consuming, we decided to work in Axure, focusing on the UX, leaving the visual layer for later.


Applying polish

Once the UX was taken part of, we started working on the visual layer. Over 60 high fidelity screens were created in Photshop and then sent for feedback using Invision.

Invision allowed us iterate rapidly, by gathering quick and precise feedback. We also used that software to create a final, more sophisticated prototype to present before the client and his investors.

As soon as the design was approved, the developers stepped in and started working on turning our visuals into a live, working app.


The website

With the desktop UX/UI overhaul and it’s conversion to a mobile version, we established a radiacally new visual language for the brand. To keep things consistent, we continued with that approach on the website, using the same brand-specific colors and typograpy.

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