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Thriving brand in dietetic low-calorie food industry

We were asked by emerging brand to build their image on the web. Founders of SmartFood presented us with their business idea and golas, among them, the company website was a foundation for building brand awareness and promoting their product online and offline.

Work from scratch

Our goal was to create website that shows effectiveness of SmartFood diet products. Inspire to lose weight and provide knowledge how to do it a healty way using low-calorie food.

There were also business goals to show wide product range, deliver details about each product and encourage to use them by facilitating diet selection. Diets are developed taking into account each person physical conditions and activity.

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Within a year, we grew to be a major brand on the polish market; the site by tonik helped us immensely with building a strong and distinct brand image. We're very greateful to the entire team for their continuous effort and numerous tips that helped us get where we are today.

Salman Ahmad, Kenja’s CTO

46% of traffic comes from mobile devices

One year after launching website 46% of traffic goes from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and this numer is still growing.


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